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Issue 49
, 2014
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“Think & Throw” – An interactive game on bio-medical waste management

Source: Toxics Link, Date: , 2014

Toxics Free Health Care (TFHC) team of Toxics Link has developed an interactive, web and offline game on bio-medical waste management called "Think & Throw”. For long, need for an interactive one-to-one medium for training on bio-medical waste (BMW) management has been expressed by various stakeholders. Besides, the monotonous nature of trainings and limited scope for interaction, prompted Toxics Link to come up with this novel idea. Target groups of this game include:
Administrative staff

The objective of this game is to transmit knowledge of bio-medical waste management and its various tenants to crucial sections of healthcare units, by means of a practical experience in form of this game.

There are two modes of playing this game:

Story Mode: This is based on a role play scenario. In this, the player will get an option to select role he/she wants to play in a hospital. There will be three such options in the game i.e. - a. Doctor, b. Nurse, c. Administrative Staff.

After selecting one of these roles, directions to play will be given to the player and he/she will proceed to engage in one of the three scenarios covered by the game. If and when a player needs to engage with the guidelines to clarify doubts in order to proceed, there is an option of ‘reference’. Instructions given in this will be in accordance with the role selected by the player in beginning of the game i.e. Doctor/Nurse/Administrative Staff.

2. Scene Mode: There are three scenarios in this mode of the game, namely: Ward, Lab, and Operation Theatre. The player can directly go to a particular scenario whichever he/she finds interesting at that point of time. At the end of each scenario in both the modes, performance of the player will be shown in terms of a score sheet.

This game is a tool for capacity building of all the healthcare workers. It’s an effort to help them understand the BMW management issues more conveniently by giving virtual hands-on experience of the situation.

To play the game please click on the following link: