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Issue 31
, 2011

Image for bulleted text Mitigating Heavy Metal Burden

At a time when the world is contemplating answers to the global climate change demon, countless anthropogenic externalities are striking us parallel and dearly; escalating heavy metal pollution and consequential health impacts is one such menace....Read Full Story

Issue 30
, 2010

Image for bulleted text Hard Hitting Reality!

No matter how vigorously the Mayapuri incident may have highlighted the harmful effects of Radioactive substance and its exposure to human body, the ban on its usage seems to have been only for a limited time period....Read Full Story

Issue 29
, 2010

Image for bulleted text Let’s plant trees

With just fifteen days left for the grandeur “Commonwealth Games” to begin, its time we retrospect the ecology of Delhi that was disrupted in the drive for hosting the games for the ‘benefit for all’....Read Full Story

Issue 28
, 2010

Image for bulleted text Truth alone triumphs

In adversaries lie opportunities! It’s been over eight years since Toxics Link began its struggle and protest against the pesticides use by bringing forth a report on the use of pesticides by farmers, which caused around 500 farmer deaths in the Warangal district of And...Read Full Story

Issue 27
, 2010

Image for bulleted text Thwarted anti-pollution laws

It is believed that there are three kinds of lies: white, black and statistics. But the third might not hold true in the case of agriculture becoming chemically intensive in the diabolical case of the state of Punjab showing increasing cases of cancer, cerebral palsy an...Read Full Story

Issue 26
, 2010

Image for bulleted text Then and Now

Debates surrounding impacts of global warming are as heated as the topic itself. For every set of scientists that point out impending doom as a result of climate change, there is another bunch that draw a completely different or at least a less horrific picture. For a l...Read Full Story

Issue 25
, 2010

Image for bulleted text And then there was light!

And then there was light! In The Lightfair International tradeshow in Las Vegas,a couple of days back, Royal Philips Electronics unveiled its breakthrough EnduraLED light bulb. This bulb will be the world's first LED replacement for the 60 watt incandescent light ...Read Full Story

Issue 24
, 2010

Image for bulleted text Scrap!

Those of us who search for excitement and controversy whenever they read a piece of news had their plates full last week. The scintillation was bigger than all murder and mayhem added together in Agatha Christie novels....Read Full Story

Issue 23
, 2010

Image for bulleted text Colour of the season:Green!

It seems that the green conscience of India has not totally fallen asleep! It is indeed strange and uncharacteristic and a hopeful flash, at a time, when prime time television draws high TRPs from reality programmes that portray celebrity swyamvars!...Read Full Story

Issue 22
, 2010

Image for bulleted text To Bt or Not to Bt

Last few days had seen the loudest buzz around town regarding the Bt Brinjal. All kinds of people from all walks of life have taken active interest in the issue, whichever side of the fence they might have been. Quite interestingly, as is usually the nature of such deba...Read Full Story

Issue 21
, 2010

Image for bulleted text Nuclear Energy – bane or boon?

In this special issue,Ravi Agarwal,Director,Toxics Link,questions environmental impacts of India's nuclear power policy....Read Full Story

Issue 20
, 2009

Image for bulleted text How much can you Cope with?!

The climate issue has all the ingredients to be made into a Bollywood masala film. Those who swear by Hollywood might point out that all that the green corridors lack is Agent 007. I am sure that the “green rooms “ , no longer the sole proprietary of grease paint actors...Read Full Story

Issue 18
, 2009

Image for bulleted text The Green Umbrella

Whenever one sees good effort at making a change through small but sure steps one feels like applauding and talking about it. Nature Foundation’s Green Umbrella programme is an honest and intense effort....Read Full Story

Issue 17
, 2009

Image for bulleted text No time to chill!

It seems we really have no time to chill!...Read Full Story

Issue 16
, 2009

Image for bulleted text WHO cares

Community-based NGO Health Related Information Dissemination Amongst Youth/Student Health Action Network (HRIDAY-SHAN) in collaboration with WHO have come up with an excellent student –teacher manual in an attempt to sensitize children and growing adults the correlation...Read Full Story

Issue 15
, 2009

Image for bulleted text Apples, Fireworks and a G-Govt

There is a hullabaloo in the environmental orchard. Himachal Pradesh may see apple basket halved, recent newspaper reports reveal. There may not be enough apples this year as the production of the fruit is likely to go down by 50 % in Himachal Pradesh. Known as Indi...Read Full Story

Issue 14
, 2009

Image for bulleted text Global warming concerns hot topics of debate

The issues over global warming are heating up further.A major report released by the US Federal government summarizes the science and the impacts of climate change on the United States, now and in the future, according to a report published in ENN....Read Full Story

Issue 12
, 2009

Image for bulleted text Ecofeminism

Proponents of gender equality and and supporters of environment have often pointed out that it is women who get worst affected by the excesses done against nature by its violators.The term "ecofeminism" is no more foreign to many of us.For the unenlightened, ecofeminis...Read Full Story

Issue 11
, 2009

Image for bulleted text Your Time Starts NOW!

Early to bed, early to rise,does it make a man healthy, wealthy and wise?...Read Full Story

Issue 10
, 2009

Image for bulleted text Miles to go before we sleep

Climate change deemed resposible for East Africa's worst-ever malaria epidemic.China becomes world's largest greenhouse gas emitter.Climate refugees ,victims of extreme climates feature in Gore's address at AAAS meet. All this as world celebrates Darwin's 200 th birthda...Read Full Story

Issue 9
, 2009

Image for bulleted text Good Earth

Besides being well known for its apples, beautiful landscape and tourism industry, Himachal Pradesh now has hit the headlines for an entirely different reason. The state has mandated all its government departments to start environment audit. In fact, Himachal Pradesh is...Read Full Story