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Issue 83
February , 2019

Image for bulleted text “93 per cent of 259 water bottles from five continents contained microplastic contamination”

Dan Morrison is a part of a research by Orb Media which confirms the presence of microplastics in bottled water. Orb Media is a Washington DC based nonprofit news organization. He has written on science, conflict and culture for publications including The New York Times...Read Full Story

Issue 23
March , 2010

Image for bulleted text "Graphic novels now cover all sorts of genres, from sci-fi to horror to war"

After having worked for 2 years in Mumbai, for a company that made animated commercials,Priya Kuriyan,illustrator of Our Toxic World, moved to Delhi to work on animated educational films for the Sesame Street project. She began illustrating while she was in design sch...Read Full Story

Issue 19
November , 2009

Image for bulleted text The Land of the Vanishing Lakes

"The most popular lakes of NCR have disappeared. The 2 billion year old water bodies of the Aravallis – Surajkund, Badkhal and Damdama, have all dried up.An alarm had been sounded in the hydrological report submitted by the Ministry of Environment in its affidavit befor...Read Full Story

Issue 15
July , 2009

Image for bulleted text "Our flood policy has converted a welcome flood into a deluge and that has created employment for disaster managers"

Excessive rain fall, spilling of the banks of the rivers, drainage congestion, breaches in the embankments, roads, canals and other such structures lead to flooding. Dinesh Mishra, Convenotr , Barh Mukti Abhiyan, Bihar in conversation with Suparna Dutta...Read Full Story

Issue 12
April , 2009

Image for bulleted text A Life With Slate

Dipesh Kharel is a Kathmandu based documentary film maker. His film` A life with Slate’ was screened in the Toxics Link film festival ` Quotes from the earth’ in last December. A Life with slate is a film, which is done differently from the conventional style. The film...Read Full Story

Issue 11
March , 2009

Image for bulleted text Learning about environment through gaming

Multimedia combines voice, animation, text, music, video and interactivity and is thus a powerful way of bringing a subject alive for students. Combine it with story-telling and gaming and voila you need not struggle too hard to teach Pinky the significance of global wa...Read Full Story

Issue 10
February , 2009

Image for bulleted text POP!

Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith is the Co-chair of International POPs Elimination Network(IPEN). She has been working against POPs for decades. In this interview with Bindu Milton she shares her views on POPs...Read Full Story

Issue 9
January , 2009

Image for bulleted text ' We need to look at technological,social and political factors while addressing food safety and security issues '

There should ideally be no conflict between food safety and food security. All stakeholders must do their best to ensure that one is not achieved at a cost for another, Pankaj Gupta in conversation with Toxics Alert....Read Full Story

Issue 8
January , 2008

Image for bulleted text Doors have opened and so have minds, says Usha ji

''Doors have opened and so have minds,'' says Usha ji, community mobiliser with Toxics Link's communities and waste programme, about the zero-waste community intervention in Defence Colony, in conversation with Toxics Alert....Read Full Story

Issue 5
May , 2007

Image for bulleted text Delhi speaks for its trees

Ever since a sign-on campaign was launched in the month of March to allow citizens of Delhi to express solidarity with the demand to stop heavy felling of old neighbourhood trees in some of capital's greenest avenues to make way for High Capacity Bus Service corridor, m...Read Full Story

Issue 4
March , 2007

Image for bulleted text Solution is urgently needed for rapid reduction in municipal waste: Urvashi Dhamija

Despite the failure of incineration-based projects in Hyderabad, Lucknow and Delhi, it seems to me that a proposal to set up such a project in Delhi should not be dismissed imperatively. With waste stacking up at the existing sites at levels higher than high rise buildi...Read Full Story

Issue 3
February , 2007

Image for bulleted text Time for ban on India's mercury import

According to an international spatial study data, the anthropogenic emission of mercury by India has risen by 27 per cent in the past decade, says Priti Mahesh, Programme Officer, Toxics Link, through this Q & A and asserts that it is now time for urgent measures...Read Full Story

Issue 2
January , 2007

Image for bulleted text We can leapfrog to the future without pollution and congestion: Anumita Roychowdhury

India's urban planners must recognise that there are cities around the world which have demonstrated policies that restrain use of personal vehicles and reverse automobile dependence, says Anumita Roychowdhury Associate Director, Research and Advocacy, Centre for...Read Full Story

Issue 1
December , 2006

Image for bulleted text Free Software is voice of protest against corporate monopoly: Stallman

Free software is an embodiment of fight against monopoly of corporate power says Richard Stallman, who is popularly known as RMS, founder of GNU Project and Free Software Foundation in an interview with Dr. Abhay Kumar....Read Full Story