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Issue 99
, 2020

Image for bulleted text How Manufactured Beauty Consciousness Is Threatening Women's Health

Damned if you do, damned if you don't: how manufactured beauty consciousness is threatening the health of women. People took to the streets and organised socially and politically in many states of America against the Police Brutality on the Afro-American community. By ...Read Full Story

Issue 97
, 2020

Image for bulleted text Thriving Barrens: Ravines and Desert are not wastelands

One can easily forgive a common man who perceives ravines, deserts, and wetlands as 'barren' land of no ecological importance. However, this naive view is not expected out of a specialized government panel. The Central government recently declared more than 3 lakh hecta...Read Full Story

Issue 96
, 2020

Image for bulleted text Unlocking Mollem during Lockdown?

Unlocking Mollem during Lockdown? What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another. ― Chris Maser...Read Full Story

Issue 94
, 2020

Image for bulleted text Is there any HOPE for our Better Future?

We were expecting that 2020 was going to be a milestone year for the Climate Change Crisis as the countries were actively working on their NDCs for COP26. It was also the mid assessment year of the emission targets we set for 2030 in the 2015 Paris Agreement. We aspired...Read Full Story

Issue 87
, 2019

Image for bulleted text Changing Climate!

Climate Emergency is a call on our elected leaders to declare an emergency against the rapidly changing climate causing a catastrophic threat to humanity and the eco-system. The United Kingdom has become the first country to declare Climate Emergency followed by Ireland...Read Full Story

Issue 86
, 2019

Image for bulleted text Sustainability and NGOs

Sustainability is often confused with Corporate Social Responsibility or looked upon exclusively through an environmental lens. But in reality CSR happens to be only a part of sustainability definition. Sustainability, in its broader sense is rightful allocation of res...Read Full Story


Image for bulleted text Sustainability and NGOs

Sustainability is often confused with Corporate Social Responsibility or looked upon exclusively through an environmental lens. But in reality CSR happens to be only a part of sustainability definition. Sustainability, in its broader sense is rightful allocation of res...Read Full Story

Issue 85
, 2019

Image for bulleted text High Lead found in paints, who is responsible?

Lead, a toxic heavy metal is being used in enamel paints to enhance the beauty of that paint (such as durability, glossiness, antifungal and antibacterial properties, etc.). But its wide usage may cause many human and environmental health hazards. Being a cumulative tox...Read Full Story

Issue 48
, 2014

Image for bulleted text The smothering green

The swathe of green canopies and wilderness which soothed the city in the scorching summers, the green foliage which appended the ecstatic beauty of the city, the green lungs which purified the noxious air, the Delhi ridge which once stood as an exemplary dense woodland...Read Full Story

Issue 47
, 2014

Image for bulleted text Delhi: A Big Hotspot for Battery Recycling

Lead Acid Battery Industry has seen huge growth in the recent years. Worldwide primary and secondary battery demand is projected to rise about 7 percent annually; it was estimated through 2010 to be a $73.6 billion global market. The growth story of Indian Lead Acid bat...Read Full Story

Issue 46
, 2013

Image for bulleted text Composting Non –Infectious Bio- Degradable Waste

Nature has bestowed upon us everything we wished for, in some or the other way. We are utilizing every resource given by nature to the fullest and in return we are belching out harmful by products. The land available for dumping the waste is limited and gra...Read Full Story

Image for bulleted text India: There is still a reason to smile

In the country where we are always discussing the bad that’s happening today and the worst that will soon come, there are some people hardly talking. They are the people who are busy setting standards on the ground. Oblivious of the corruption, non-committal and apathy ...Read Full Story

Issue 45
, 2013

Image for bulleted text Malady of household biomedical waste New awakening beckons?

As per the Indian Demographic Profile (2013) there are 0.9 beds available per 1000 of the country’s population. That leaves me to wonder that besides those individuals who end up as inpatients in acute medical cases, there must be a substantial number that takes medic...Read Full Story

Issue 34
, 2012

Image for bulleted text Global efforts on Mercury Management

Mercury is a naturally occurring substance found in the earth’s crust and is mined like any other mineral. This shiny silvery metal is today recognised as one of the most potent toxic elements in the world with adequate information available on the toxicity levels of ...Read Full Story

Issue 33
, 2011

Image for bulleted text Passing the poisonous parcel

Article, "Passing the poisonous parcel" which explores how improperly recycling E-waste endangers the health of hundreds of thousands of people, and contaminated the environment....Read Full Story

Issue 32
, 2011

Image for bulleted text Moradabad: Brass Work has turned into E-waste Recycling

Moradabad a western city in Uttar Pradesh is situated at the bank of Ram Ganga River. It is 170 Km away from Delhi and well connected via road & railway to the other parts of India. The city has been traditionally famous for bangle and brass works and is known as ‘Peeta...Read Full Story

Issue 31
, 2011

Image for bulleted text Learning from the EU experience

E-waste and its management has been a huge challenge for developed and developing nations for more than a decade. Presence of toxic materials, including heavy metals and chemicals like Brominated Flame retardants, lead, Chromium etc, along with growing volumes of waste ...Read Full Story

Issue 30
, 2010

Image for bulleted text Mining for philanthropy?

‘There is enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed’. The Government seems to have reiterated the Gandhian philosophy by bringing in a provision through a draft mining legislation that will restrict unregulated use of minerals. The provision is a p...Read Full Story

Issue 29
, 2010

Image for bulleted text Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Its time again for trumpeting, masquerading, and shouting slogans imbued in spirituality for it’s the time for festivities— the time for Ganpati Utsav....Read Full Story

Issue 28
, 2010

Image for bulleted text At the brink of basics

There is a common saying that promises are made to be broken. Much exemplary to the saying is the present scenario. Its that time of the year when all are geared up to augment and anticipate what would suit international audiences best or the reverse...Read Full Story

Issue 27
, 2010

Image for bulleted text Wake up to the Civil Liability Nuclear Damage Bill 2010

Here comes the civil liability nuclear damage bill 2010 to ‘provide for civil liability for nuclear damage, appointment of Claims Commissioner, establishment of Nuclear Damage Claims Commission and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto, for enactment by ...Read Full Story

Issue 26
, 2010

Image for bulleted text Renewing Bhopal Catastrophe

Its said that time heals all wounds. But is it the truth or a ‘feel-good’ belief? In the case of the recent Bhopal Gas tragedy verdict it seems to be no more than a 'balming' effect by the political leaders and judiciary which has worsened the wounds than doing any bett...Read Full Story

Issue 24
, 2010

Image for bulleted text Minor Minerals Need Major ‘Mindmining’ in India

About a year back Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India constituted a group to look into the environmental aspect of mining of minor minerals in India. The group, headed by Secretary, E&F submitted its report on the environmental aspects of quarrying m...Read Full Story

Issue 12
, 2009

Image for bulleted text Climate change triggering extinction of species

According to the most comprehensive study done so far in this field, over a million species will be lost in the coming 50 years. The most important cause was found to be climate change....Read Full Story

Issue 11
, 2009

Image for bulleted text Bitter Truths about Sweet Chocolate

Imagine visiting a Chocolate Room where everything is edible: the pavements, the bushes, even the grass. There are trees made of taffy that grow jelly apples, bushes that sprout lollipops, mushrooms that spurt whipped cream, pumpkins filled with sugar cubes instead of s...Read Full Story

Image for bulleted text People and Places/Alanna Mitchell

One hundred and fifty years after the publication of On the Origin of Species, award-winning environmental reporter Alanna Mitchell set out to retrace the idea of evolution and grapple with the fact that a massive extinction of the planet's species was well under way. S...Read Full Story

Issue 10
, 2009

Image for bulleted text Dusty Future

What started off as a socio-educational project to educate children of Lal Kuan in Delhi proliferated into a still bigger cause. While running education centres for the poor children in this area, S A Azad, key person and coordinator of NGO Prasar (People’s Rights & ...Read Full Story

Issue 8
, 2008

Image for bulleted text Countdown to zero: Success story of Defence Colony waste-management initiative

While the urban municipal waste continues to grow into a bigger mess each passing day, community driven and managed waste management systems give hope for a sustainable solution. Such initiatives not only address the issue of clean and hygienic neighbourhood, but also o...Read Full Story

Issue 7
, 2007

Image for bulleted text Indian paints high on lead: Companies turn a blind eye

Though the media and civil society reacted with concern to a recent study revealing dangerous levels of lead in household paints, the paint industry showed little inclination to even notice this issue. Thus making it clear that lead-free paints would be made available t...Read Full Story

Issue 6
, 2007

Image for bulleted text Think before you make the switch to CFL!

If there is one product that has come to symblolise the ease with which an individual consumer can make a contribution in towards reducing global warming, it is the Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL). But a growing section of experts and activists has dared to question the...Read Full Story

Issue 5
, 2007

Image for bulleted text Don’t axe the tree, integrate it with transport

Projects like the High Capacity Bus Service based on dedicated corridors, need to be fully supported for their ability to transport over 10,000 office goers per hour in buses, both for their transport efficiency as well as carbon saving, but they also need to limit road...Read Full Story

Issue 4
, 2007

Image for bulleted text Waste-to-energy is no quick fix for Municipal Solid Waste Management

The mismanagement of solid waste in urban areas poses a grave threat to public health and the quality of life of people living in those areas. Up to now there has been no comprehensive policy in India that deals with the whole cycle of waste management from production a...Read Full Story

Issue 3
, 2007

Image for bulleted text Mercury in healthcare: Clear and present danger

Two recent studies have once again highlighted the clear and present risk of mercury exposure to medical staff and patients in everyday healthcare settings. While one reinforces the global impact of mercury as a contaminant, the other shows its specific threat in the In...Read Full Story


Image for bulleted text Breathing Asian nightmare

Asia's urban population is dying a slow death. The very economic growth that made the Asian developmental dream very real and palpable is now threatening to choke it as well, writes Parvinder Singh....Read Full Story

Issue 1
, 2006

Image for bulleted text E-waste: Time to act now

Approximately 150,000 tons of e-waste is generated in India annually and almost all of it finds way into the informal sector for recycling at a monumental environmental and health cost. This trend is likely to increase manifold in proportion to the growth in the electro...Read Full Story