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Issue 55
, 2014
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Dispur shifts focus on e-wastes - Meet on proper disposal

Source: The Telegraph, Date: , 2014

The Pollution Control Board, Assam, (PCBA) will formulate a mechanism for proper e-waste management in the state.

The need for proper disposal of e-waste is being felt more than ever before because of an increase in generation of such waste, which increases the risk of an environment disaster since lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium and beryllium present in e-waste are extremely toxic and often carcinogenic. E-waste is waste material from broken or discarded electrical or electronic appliances. It includes electronic devices ranging from large household items to small consumer goods like computers, laptops, printers and their parts, television sets, telephone sets, ACs, refrigerators, music systems, calculators, electrical appliances and their components.

“We will soon come up with a proper inventory of the e-waste generated in the state,” Dubey said at the workshop, which was organised by the board in association with Toxics Link, an NGO.

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