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Issue 78
, 2017
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Indian Scientists Use Jute Fibre to Power Electronic Circuits

Source: Outlook India, Date: , 2017

Source: Outlook India, May, 2017 :-Jute - the golden fibre of India - is often the toast of fashion circuits. Now it seems jute is going to shine in electronic circuits too. A group of Indian and American scientists have used recycled jute to fabricate high performance, flexible supercapacitors which have a number of applications ranging from energy storage devices to wearable electronics. Researchers specifically chose jute for their study because of its intrinsic fibrous structure which can be beneficial for conductivity. Jute is also easily available, and is one of the most affordable natural fibres after cotton. Results of the study done by scientists from the Banaras Hindu University, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) and Pittsburgh State University (USA), have been published in journal Scientific Reports.

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