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Issue 70
, 2016
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The Badarpur Plant's effect on air pollution and why it needs to be shut down

Source: Economic Times, Date: , 2016

A two-year old study released in 2015 by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), (a well-respected non-profit public interest research and advocacy organization in New Delhi) concluded that NTPC, India's largest power producing Coal Company was way below the prevailing standards across various parameters. The study, which analyzed 47 plants over 16 states, established the Badarpur plant as the country's most polluting power plant. The study on the Badarpur plant The study called 'Heat in Power' analysed and rated coal-based thermal power plants on nearly 60 environmental and energy parameters. It rated 40% of the plants (around 18 of the 47) as having a score less than 20%, based on various parameters. NTPC Ltd.'s Badarpur plant was declared the poorest performing of all. This plant which contributed a relatively meagre share of Delhi's power (7.9% during April to October 2015) contributed around 80-90% of the particulate matter, SOx and NOx (Major pollutants) from the energy sector in Delhi. As such it was ranked poorest on the parameters of environmental performance and energy efficiency.

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