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Issue 46
, 2013
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India: There is still a reason to smile

Source: Toxics Link, Date: , 2013

In the country where we are always discussing the bad that’s happening today and the worst that will soon come, there are some people hardly talking. They are the people who are busy setting standards on the ground. Oblivious of the corruption, non-committal and apathy and lack of positive drive in the system; these people are working hard to make INDIA SHINE and SMILE.

A PHC (Primary Health Centre) in Mohanna (Haryana) is one such place. The Chief Medical Officer of the hospital, Dr. Shrutikant Verma is highly respected in this area. He comes across as a humble and divine soul in action. He sits patiently from early morning till late afternoon, getting up in between just to motivate his fellow workers to keep up their spirits.

 A typical PHC is supposed to be a 6 bedded hospital with around 30-40 out-patients, but this PHC works at 300-400 patients/ day (OPD) and around 80-100 deliveries per month. The doctor has gone a step further; he has done a course in Anesthesia so that he can support surgeries in his village (once a week, with the help of a surgeon form the District Hospital). All his staff his polite, humble, overtly courteous and highly diligent, quite unlike the so –called Government set-up. The villagers are so happy to have him there and would go to any limit to stop his transfers. They are even ready to pool money for the initiatives that the hospital wants to undertake. One man can make so much difference.

Dr. Shrutikant is a philosophy, a phenomenon in action and today we salute the spirit of a true Indian.

- Anu Agarwal