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Issue 29
September , 2010
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Let’s plant trees

Anjali Pandey
Source: N/A, Date: September , 2010

With just fifteen days left for the grandeur “Commonwealth Games” to begin, its time we retrospect the ecology of Delhi that was disrupted in the drive for hosting the games for the ‘benefit for all’. The biggest hazard has come to the trees of Delhi. According to the Citizen’s charter by Department of forest in section A which gives details to ‘Felling and removal of trees anywhere in the National Capital Territory of Delhi’.

  1. Permission to fell trees is regulated under provisions of Delhi Tree Preservation Act, 1994; a copy of the same may be obtained from the Government Printing Press.
  2. If a private individual/company wants to fell tree/trees anywhere in Delhi owned by them an application, in Form 'B' has to be made to the Tree Officer, Dy. Conservator of Forests (South/Central/West) and to Conservator of Forests, Delhi. The forms are available with the nearest Forest Office. Licences to fell trees can be given only 1Ha. Area of Khasra No. and only 2 licences can be issued in a year in respect of one property. The permission for felling is deemed to have been granted if no reply is received from the Tree Officer within 60 days. The applications complete in all respect will only be entertained by Tree Officer.
  3. After obtaining permission, the individual/Company should fell the trees within the time limit prescribed in the licences.
  4. If any tree is causing danger to life and property, the owner of the land may fell the tree and report the fact within 24 hours and such intimation should be made in Form 'A'.
  5. It is for each individual and Company to effectively protect all the trees growing in their areas.

Of the mileu of uprooting activities that Delhi denizens have observed so far, the only balming effect comes from the more stated less heard remedies suggested in the citizen’s charter which states, “a) If an individual/Company is not satisfied with the order passed by the Tree Officer regarding felling permission, he/Company may file an appeal with the (Appellate Authority), within 30 days from the date of order of Tree Officer. The Appellate Authority under the Delhi Preservation of Tree Act is Secretary ( Environment, Forest & Wildlife), Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Delhi Sachivalaya, New Delhi - 110 002.”

Planting trees in the densely populated city may be a tough drive in keeping with rapid urbanization and fast industrialization of the capital already attuned to these rapid changes. However, if urban planners look into finer detailing of the city, inflating the lung of the city-would not be a problem. Perhaps the best way to start with could be looking at plantation drives in other cities more green with similar problems like ours—be it the east or west! As for the citizens, each one plant one.

(For any complaints regarding felling or damaging the trees A Tree Help Line has been set up to attend any complaints including lopping at Phone No. 23378513.)