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Issue 55
, 2014
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India’s River Week to discuss and adopt national charters on rivers

Source: Toxics Link, Date: , 2014

The first ever India Rivers Week was organized as a national event in New Delhi from November 24-27 2014. The main objective of the event was to bring together a vast range of stakeholders to discuss the ground realities of rivers, and develop approaches to address the deteriorating situation. The event brought together a range of stakeholders which included over 100 River experts, planners, researchers, artists, enthusiasts and activists from different parts of the country, consortium of NGOs including WWF India, INTACH, SANDRP, among others. During the 4 day event they discussed, deliberated and exchanged their experiences and ideas that were aimed at rejuvenation of rivers in the country.


The event addressed one of the major concerns of the environmental critiques who point out that the aloofness from ground realities among planners, decision makers, and among various government departments is a major reason for the sorry state of our rivers. No wonder, there exists no national policy or law that could provide rivers security from degradation and exploitation.

Toxics Link and PEACE Institute Charitable Trust, organized the event with additional support from Arghyam (Bengaluru), International Rivers (Mumbai office), and Peoples Science Institute, Dehradun, who have worked on river rejuvenation in different parts of the country.


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