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Issue 51
, 2014
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Release of the Report “Impact of E-waste Recycling on Water and Soil”

Source: Toxics Link, Date: , 2014

Toxics Link released a report titled “Impact of E-waste Recycling on Water and Soil” this month. The report based on lab tests reveals how toxic elements such as mercury, lead, zinc, etc., along with acids and chemicals released during e-waste recycling, are contaminating soil and water in Loni and Mandoli areas of Delhi’s National Capital Territory. At Loni some samples of water show mercury level as high as 20 times the prescribed limit, while at Mandoli zinc level in a sample was 174 times higher. The findings also show lead level in soil at Loni to be very high; with one sample as high as 147 times the prescribed limit.

The exhaustive report is among few in India that scientifically corroborates damage to soil and water through toxics from e-waste. Besides providing data on increased levels of zinc, lead, and other toxic elements and chemicals, the study also scientifically examines electrical conductivity, hardness and turbidity in the selected samples of Mandoli and Loni. 

 Download  the full report please click on the link below :