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Issue 3
, 2007
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Documentary series to depict borderless humans and the environment in a global world

Source: Toxics Link, Date: , 2007

As the global environmental crisis continues to capture more and more space in our everyday communication, films are emerging as a potent means of giving this concern a cross-cultural unity by highlighting commonalities that go beyond statistics of ecological degradation and rising sea levels and touch a chord at a more experiential level.

Toxics Link, Max Mueller Bhavan and ECOMOVE International have joined hands to bring to Delhiites some of the most outstanding international and Indian documentaries on the environment and struggles associated with it through a two-day film festival from 9th to 10th February 2007 at the Max Mueller Bhavan's Siddhartha Hall. These films strongly underline that events like global warming, climate change and natural disasters are not only on the rise but also require solutions beyond borders.

a still image from film drowned outIndia with its rapidly growing economy is facing both the opportunities and risks of globalisation. On the one hand, for a limited section of society, wealth is growing, on the other, the social inequalities seem to be worsening. To counter environmental abuse and consequent inequities, it is paramount to act locally, while looking across borders to learn about common concerns and solutions.

ECOMOVE International is a network of international environmental film festivals. Its primary purpose is to promote environmental media -in particular the audio-visual. ECOMOVE works to improve the image and appreciation of environmental films, by increasing quality and quantity of media productions. It also conceives and implements educational and media projects on a national and international level. Michael Greif is project manager with ECOMOVE International. This series of films is supported by the German Ministry for the Environment.

On the opening day a panel discussion is scheduled on the topic 'Creativity versus Agenda in the Genre of Environmental Film Making'. Veteran documentary filmmaker Sanjay Kak will moderate it. Michael Greif, Down to Earth Managing Editor, Pradip Saha and Rahul Roy from Delhi Film Archives will be the participants.

Among other highlights are the Delhi premier of '100 per cent Cotton: Made in India' by Inge Altemeier. The film portrays the merchandise 'cotton' from its breeding and processing in India to its sale in the form of clothes in the industrialised countries – along with the grave consequences this involves for humans and the environment. From its polluted landscapes to its poisoned workers, India is paying a heavy price for Europe’s desire for cheap cotton.