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Issue 27
, 2010
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Radiation is caused everywhere and by everyone

Source: Toxics Link Website, Date: , 2010

In keeping with the opprobrium of Mayapuri Co60 radiation and a dire need for awareness on the subject, the hazards of Radioactivity were discussed at the Environment and Health public lecture series by Toxics Link, hosted by India International on June 25th 2010. The speakers for the event included Dr Arvind Chaturvedi, Medical Director, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Arun Sehdeo from National Institute for Disaster Management, and Karuna Raina, nuclear campaigner from Greenpeace.


Radiation issues in medical practice: the understanding of radioactive and radiation, their sources, usage and exposures, risks from medical radiation exposure, the technology, risks and benefits associated with it were all highlighted by Dr Chaturvedi and was translated into the most simple language for common parlance.

Arun Sehdeo, on the other hand threw light on the dangers radiation can cause and how can one protect him/herself from any calamity that occurs through radioactive exposures. Some light was also thrown on government legislations and acts for radioactivity.

Karuna Raina, who has extensively been working on the issue of radioactivity in the capital and in other parts of the country, looked at India’s policy framework and implementation aspect of radioactive hazards.

With participants ranging from government bodies, medical practices, media, ngos, activists and other informed groups , the lecture was instrumental in bringing out information on a subject of such intrinsic importance for not only those at the policy level but also at the implementation level or the ones who are at the receiving end.

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