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Issue 24
, 2010
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Guidelines on Mercury and E-waste by Central Government

Source: Anu Agarwal, Date: , 2010

All Central Government Hospitals and health centres have been advised to gradually phase out mercury containing equipments    (thermometer, BP Instruments etc.) and replace them with good quality non-mercury equipments, in order to prevent the toxic effects of mercury on patients and health care workers. The government recommends development of a mercury phase out plan, to start procurement of new equipment, which is mercury-free.Until the mercury-based equipments are fully phased out, guidelines have been issued for the safe management of Mercury waste. In addition to this it suggests the use of reporting formats to report and register any mercury spills / leakages and create awareness among health workers and other stakeholders regarding the health and safety hazards of mercury and E-waste (electrical and electronic waste).  E-waste recyclers authorized by Central Pollution Control Board may be contacted for collection and disposal of other E-waste.