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Issue 58
, 2015
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Toxic litchi killing kids since 1995 in Bihar?

Source: Asian Age, Date: , 2015

A “toxin” in litchi fruit could be the reason for mysterious deaths of children in Bihar and neighbouring districts since 1995, the US researchers have claimed. “An ongoing 2014 investigation has found no evidence of any infectious etiology and supports the possibility that exposure to a toxin might be the cause,” the report published by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, said. While, outbreaks of an unexplained acute neurologic illness affecting young children and associated with high case-fatality rates have been reported in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar since 1995. There have been multiple epidemiologic and laboratory investigations of this syndrome, leading to a wide spectrum of proposed causes for the illness, including “infectious encephalitis” and “exposure to pesticides”.

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