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Issue 56
, 2014
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Power-hungry cell towers poisoning air

Source: The Times of India, Date: , 2014

A day without your smartphone can be demanding. But a new study has thrown up some interesting finds about how energy-guzzling the telecom industry is. Scientists at Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology and Forschungszentrum Julich in Germany have revealed that the Indian telecom sector could be consuming up to 7.5 billion litres of diesel annually to run its mobile towers. Because mobile towers require continuous power supply not assured in either cities or rural areas, they largely depend on diesel generator sets and electricity from the grid whenever possible. In Delhi alone, the telecom sector used 6.6 lakh MWh energy in 2011 which generated 382 tons of carbon dioxide and 2,123 tons of particulate matter, the study has said.

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