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Issue 53
, 2014
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Sivasagar Civil Hospital’s bio–medical waste posing health hazards

Source: The Sentine, Date: , 2014

Throwing all norms to the winds, the bio–medical waste in the Sivasagar Civil Hospital located at Joysagar is being disposed off in an unhygienic manner just a few metres away from the residential area of Sapun Nagar, posing serious health hazards to the residents. The hospital authorities are throwing used syringes, blood–stained bandage cloth and cotton waste, needles, and used hand gloves in the open area behind the hospital, which can prove to be a potential health hazard. The garbage dump has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies and attracts stray dogs and birds. They transport blood–stained bandages and cotton cloth from the open dump to the road and even to the residential complexes nearby, said the people of  Sapun Nagar.

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