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Issue 49
, 2014
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E-Waste in India: A grey story

Source: Sustainability outlook, Date: , 2014

Guest contributor,†Arjun Mehta, Manager at Sims Recycling Solutions India, reflects on the critical need of the hour in†developing a sustainable model for e-waste management & recovery.

With improving purchasing power, availability of technology and the sheer need for advancement, India is seeing a radical growth in the consumption of electronics. The pace at which technology is evolving is rendering electronic devices obsolete way before their theoretical end of life, adding to our countryís ever-growing junk pile of end-of-life electronics.†

Itís not just the producerís responsibility to recycle their electronics, but also the consumerís to give them away; to give dead electronics a new beginning.

How big a problem is e-waste in India? We generate almost a million tons each year. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) stated that India generated 0.8 million tons (mt) of e-waste in 2012, a staggering jump from 0.15 mt in 2005. Various studies have pegged the 2018 levels to be over 2 mt, narrating a rather grey story of the scenario in India. Globally, the volume of e-waste is predicted to grow 33% in five years to reach 65.4 mt, according to the UNEP.

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