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Issue 49
, 2014
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India becoming dumping ground for picture tubes

Source: The Pioneer, Date: , 2014

India is becoming a dumping ground for the hazardous Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), popularly called picture tubes. They were earlier used in computer monitors and erstwhile television sets. In the age of LEDs and LCDs, these obsolete CRTs present an alarming trend as its glass is being recycled for making bangles, marbles, bottles and other day to day items. This has been observed in a recent study conducted by Toxic Link, (NGO working on the hazards of e-waste).  The CRTs have been found to contain high percentage of lead and other heavy metals which are major health and environmental threats to the country today. 

The study points out that due to high presence of lead, the CRT monitors have been declared “hazardous” and subsequently “banned” from land-fills and incinerators in most developed countries. Due to a shift in technology, most countries including those in Asia, have shifted to new projection systems (LCD, Plasma), thereby creating a huge pile of this hazardous waste.

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