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Issue 29
, 2010
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Hitkari Honey safest among top honey brands: Study

Source: Ganpati News, Date: , 2010

According to a study conducted by Centre for Science and Environment on major honey brands, most of the top honey brands contain considerable quantity of antibiotics which may have serious effects on health. The results  of the study on the 12 well known brands have come as a shock to the consumers as it has invalidated the claims that commercially produced honey was pure and natural. The only brand that came out clean was Hitkari Honey.

The tested samples were collected from Delhi, and also included that of two brands from Australia and Switzerland. As per the study, the presence of antibiotics can lead to their gradual resistance by the body, blood and liver diseases. Sunita Narain, director, CSE, revealed that there exist no standards for the presence of antibiotics in india. She also added that the brands would not have passed the export standards set by the Export Inspection Council. The foreign brands tested too fail to meet their required domestic standards.

Antibiotics are used by bee-keepers in honey business for better yield. However, there are no limits prescribed on the use of the drugs. The manufacturers of Hitkari Honey reveal that they get the honey from small scale bee-farmers who do not use any drugs or pesticides. Hitkari too runs a comaparatively small business and claims they are aware of the areas where drugging methods are not used. Honey meant for international consumption is subjected to tight procedures in India to ensure safety and quality. However, it is ironical that the country cares little for the consumers at home.