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Issue 16
, 2009
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Bleaching factories in Erode closed indefinitely

Source: The Times of India, New Delhi, Date: , 2009

The 300 and odd bleaching factories in Erode closed indefinitely, demanding the state government not to insist them to erect Reverse Osmosis Plant (ROP). "We are functioning the bleaching factories as tiny sector and with small investment the industry is functioning. We are providing employment to more than 30,000 workers in Erode alone. The Pollution Control Board sealed number of such bleaching factories in the district and demanded to erect ROPs," Shanmugasundaram, President of Erode Bleaching Factory Owners Association said. ROPs are costly and many could not afford for the same, he said, and he appealed to the government to exempt them from erection of ROPs. However, he said, they were ready to erect Treatment Plant and would not discharge effluents into the drains. He wanted the government to implement the Rs 700 crore marine discharge scheme, under which the effluents from Tirupur, Erode and Karur would be taken to Nagapattinam, where the same could be discharged into the sea after treating.