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Issue 81
October , 2017
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Kolkata raw food items have alarming lead levels, finds study

Source: New Indian Express, Kolkata, Date: October , 2017

Source: New Indian Express, Kolkata, Oct 22, 2017:- Raw food sold in most city markets have Lead concentration far above the permissible limit and can permanently damage key human organs, a survey conducted by the Geological Survey of India (GSI) has found. Samples of raw food items like polished rice, red lentil (masoor dal), red spinach, chicken, fish (without scales), biscuits, spice (cumin seeds) and a common medicinal herb (Holy Basil or Tulsi), collected from 12 markets in the city showed a mean Lead (Pb) concentration between 3.78 and 43.35 mg/kg (average 23.56 mg/kg). "The mean Lead concentration found in the raw food materials is very high compared to the threshold value of 2.5mg/kg specified by Food Safety & Standards Regulation (2011), India," senior scientist of the GSI, Avijit Das, who headed the group conducting the two-year study, said today.

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