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Issue 81
, 2017
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India fights hard to save polluted rivers

Source: Daily Times, New Delhi, Date: , 2017

Source: Daily Times, New Delhi, Oct 4, 2017:-Rivers of India are often called its lifeline. They are revered and worshipped by people who got their identities in the ancient times by settling near rivers. Till today, many states, now metropolises, are situated on riverbanks, thriving from the resources that it provides them. Water bodies have sustained the country since olden times and continue doing so till date. However, in the past two decades, the burden of human and river ecosystem interaction have changed the natural processes of various rivers. Unsustainable and indiscriminate use have dried rivers and irreparably damaged their ecosystem. While environmentalists have been pointing to the alarming situation since a long time with research and activism both, successive governments failed to take tough, even extreme measures that were needed to both create awareness and prevent their deterioration.

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