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Issue 79
, 2017
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Toxic Gangua Nala polluting Chilika lake

Source: Orissapost, Orissa, Date: , 2017

Source: Orissapost, Orissa, July 23, 2017:- While several agencies have been given the task to ensure free flow of water through drainage lines, their attention has not reached up to Gangua Nala. What was once a freshwater stream is now the main ejection mechanism for exit of waste water from capital Bhubaneswar – a city that finds a place in the central list of Smart Cities.Currently, about 10 drainage channels run west to east criss-crossing the city for discharge of waste water. Nine out of 10 channels finally reach Gangua Nala and discharge, on an average, more than 120 million litres of untreated liquid waste to this system on a daily basis.“We have turned Gangua Nala from a freshwater stream into a drainage system. Currently, this stream bears the burden of domestic and industrial waste from the Capital. We need to stop this dumping of untreated waste to the Nala and protect the stream and its ecosystem,” said Ranjan K Panda, also known as the Waterman of Orissa.

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