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Issue 78
, 2017
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Dyeing units turn Hapur hamlet into deathtrap

Source: The Pioneer, Date: , 2017

Source: The Pioneer, Ghaziabad, May, 2017 :- A village in Hapur district of Western Uttar Pradesh has become a nightmare for its dwellers as 11 people had died during the last 21 days because of cancer. Allahbaksh Village is situated near Ganga River and according to environmentalists the groundwater here is heavily contaminated. It contains arsenic at dangerous levels and is causing cancer to the inhabitants of this village. With the rate of cancer-affected patients increasing rapidly in the village, the environmentalists have raised a red flag.“Apart from the 11 deaths, there are nine others from this village who are suffering from cancer. They are undergoing treatment but their condition is deteriorating with every passing day,” said noted environmentalist Professor Abbas Ali.Prof Ali claimed that the dyeing units operating alongside river Ganges are disturbing groundwater. The villagers have no other option than to drink and use this polluted water in the absence of any alternative for the clean drinking water. “There are many dyeing units near this village and chemicals being used by the unit seep into the ground and is solely responsible for the contamination of the groundwater,” said Ali.

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