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Issue 20
, 2009
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Book Release : Half Life - Radio Active Waste in India

Source: Toxics Link Website, Date: , 2009

'Half Life' is a first comprehensive study analysis on the issue of nuclear waste in India, researched and published by Toxics Link with support from the Heinrich Boll Foundation.

Owing to current imperatives of 'clean' energy in the climate change scenario, nuclear energy is being re-evaluated globally. India has had a long nuclear power program and it has had a very successful track record. However with the proposed opening up of the sector to civilian nuclear energy, with private sector participation, nuclear energy is slated to rise from the existing 3% upto 20% of the energy mix by 2030-2050.

Waste from the fuel cycle is a key element in nuclear energy costs and has great ecological risks impacts. However the issue has been under-debated with little information in the public realm. The report attempts to comprehensively address the complex issue, through available information, and flag the gaps, including the need for greater public participation and understanding of this key issue.