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Issue 44
, 2013
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Creating Green Champion

By: Toxics Link, Source: Toxics Link, Date: , 2013

Electronic waste is one of most critical waste issue globally. It is an emerging issue in India as well, with the phenomenal growth in the Information Technology and Telecom industry in the past few years. This toxic waste is managed improperly in the country, causing grievous harm to human health and environment. Lack of awareness on the issue is considered to be one of the key bottlenecks in safe and sustainable management of E-waste in India.




Toxics Link, an environmental NGO, is committed to work towards safer management of e-waste and creating awareness among the general public on the issue. The students are an important community, as they are increasingly key decision makers at home and also future leaders. To make them aware of the e-waste issue and also inspire them to be environmentally sustainable citizens, Toxics Link is planning to organize program on E-waste in schools across India which will include Presentation or talk on the issue, film screening and some group activities. Around 60-80 students will participate from each school.


The main objective of the workshop is to inculcate the values of sustainable development and environment management among the school students. To inspire the students to be part of this change, an E-waste collection bin will also be placed in the schools, where students can drop their e-waste which will be channelized to an authorized recycling company.