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Issue 42
, 2013
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Travelling Film Festival : Queen’s Mary School, Model Town, Delhi

By: Toxics LInk, Source: Toxics Link, Date: , 2013

As a part of the Earth Day celebrations “Quotes from the Earth” an environment film

festival, travelled to Queens Mary School, Delhi on 22nd April 2013. The festival formed an

integral part of the myriad of educational activities the school had undertaken on the eve.

The festival aimed to provide a visual understanding and generate awareness on some of

the contemporary ecological challenges confronting us today.


Over 7 films were screened in fifteen different sessions. The students included diverse

groups ranging from class fifth to class twelfth. The films shown included: ‘Mangroves

Guardian of the Coast, The Earth Story, The Jungle Gang (Bear), My Home is Green, On the

Right Track and Deluge’.


The festival saw an overwhelming response from the students. More than 400 students

attended the day long Film Festival. Some very pertinent questions were raised by the

students on Endosulfan. The students also shared what they can do to save the

environment like planting of trees, putting water bowls for small birds in school campus,

using paper bags, avoid littering plastic bags & bottles, using chemicals & pesticides safely

at home.


Toxics Link shared about the organization and its engagement on different themes

specifically on issues related to lead in paints, biomedical waste, mercury and ewaste.

Along with it, we distributed some of the IEC materials published by Toxics Link, which

included posters and booklets on lead in paints, ewaste, and mercury.