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Issue 30
, 2010
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Quotes from the Earth: The Environment Film Festival (2010)

Source: Toxics Link Website, Date: , 2010

Quotes from the earth is a discursive platform to highlight the environmental challenges at the national and international level through films which happen to be one of the most powerful medium of communication and discussion. The festival is a collaborative effort by Toxics Link and India International Centre, Delhi, organised biannually since 2004.

This being the fourth, the festival this year (4-5th December, 2010) takes a leap of faith and acts as the fourth prong of the environmental debate and discussion. Focussing on different issues, regions, and struggles to give audience a better chance to understand and engage with broader picture of the current status of environmental issues. “Quotes from the Earth”, is the first of its kind in the Indian Capital which ensures to gather the pertinent and poignant in keeping with the existent environmental mileu.

Please visit Film Festival Page for more information.

You are cordially invited into the film festival, kindly register.

Entry Is Free