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Issue 27
, 2010
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Toxic Trinkets: An Investigation of Lead in Children’s Jewellery in India 2010

Source: Toxics Link Website, Date: , 2010

Children’s jewellery is in vogue these days. In keeping with the tendency with children to suck or chew these trinkets, what if you come to know that these embellishments contain lead, a potent neurotoxin capable of IQ deficit, brain and kidney damage, gastrointestinal symptoms such as colic, and even death due to lead poisoning?

In a concerted effort to bring out information on toxic substances and their use in everyday products in the public domain, vis-ŕ-vis their pernicious effects on human health and the environment, Toxics Link brings forth Toxic Trinkets: An investigation of lead in Children’s Jewellery in India.

With an intent to study the levels of lead in children’s jewellery and understand the situation in India and even internationally, the report delves into identifying the gray that exists in the children’s jewellery market: right from its manufacturing, retailing and even exports of these jewellery items from India to the rest of the world.

On the basis of 54 samples collected from different markets of Delhi viz: Central Delhi, Janpath, South, Lajpat Nagar, Old Delhi, and Sadar Bazaar, the report provides an insight into the persistent problem of adversarial impacts of lead in children’s jewellery much in conjunction with the fact that there exists lead in products of everyday use and children and pregnant women are most susceptible to it.

The report is also an eye opener for the fact that despite establishing international standards and prohibitions to lead in jewellery and similar items, especially children’s products, there exists no specific regulation for lead in children’s jewellery in India. Blame it on lack of awareness, accountability or even regulations, the fact remains that there exists lead in children’s jewellery in India.

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