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Issue 25
, 2010
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E-Waste Management and Handling Rules, 2010 by MoEF (Draft)

Source: Toxics Link Website, Date: , 2010

Toxics Link has been campaigning on the issue of E-waste for more than 7 years. Our key objective was to have a separate legal framework or E-waste rules in the country for safer management of E-waste.

After much effort by the civil society, the Central Government agrees and abides by the recovery and/or reuse of useful material from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), thereby reducing the hazardous wastes destined for disposal and to ensure the environmentally sound management of all types of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

We are happy to inform that draft E-waste rules have been notified by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India last week.

These rules shall apply to every producer(s), dealer(s), collection centre(s), refurbisher(s), dismantler(s), recycler(s), auctioneer(s) consumer(s) or bulk consumer(s) involved in the manufacture, processing, sale, purchase of electrical and electronic equipment or component.

The central government has stated:  ‘The objections or suggestions which may be received from any person with respect to the said draft rules before expiry of the period so specified shall be considered by the Central Government’.

The draft is open for comments for the next 60 days from the data of notification

Your opinion matters the most, We therefore seek your valuable comments or suggestions on the draft.

Lets discuss the draft by commenting on the same, Please follow the link mention below to post your comments
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