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Issue 98
, 2020
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Why plastic waste is an ideal building material

Source:, Date: , 2020

The disposal of plastics is a highly visible global problem ? from the highest mountains to the deepest ocean trenches, waste plastic seems inescapable. In natural conditions, plastics are nearly indestructible, and yet they are discarded worldwide on a large scale: the world produces around 359 million tonnes of plastics each year. The environment cannot address their disposal at a speed fast enough to prevent harm to living beings.

This has led to a consensus that plastics are an unsustainable material. And yes, plastics are certainly an enormous problem, but they don?t necessarily have to be. 

The main issue is not with plastic as a material, but with our linear economic model: goods are produced, consumed, then disposed of. This model assumes endless economic growth and doesn?t consider the planet?s exhaustible resources.

But there are many ways we could set plastics on a different lifecycle ? and one that I have been working on is turning disused plastics into a hardy, reliable and sustainable building material.

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