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Issue 54
, 2014
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e-waste: a death sentence

Source: Daily Sabah, Date: , 2014

Electronic waste is the dirty secret of technology that no one wants to talk about. Ghana is the home to this secret which is having a detrimental effect on its citizens. They are ready to let the cat out of the bag

Globally, an estimated 50 million tons of e-waste is generated annually. Over 75 percent of solid waste is recyclable, but we only recycle 30 percent of it. Even worse, e-waste is being dumped illegally in third world countries, where children are living under the threat of toxic chemicals Without a shadow of a doubt, electronic appliances play an indispensable part in everyday life. According to the mobile analytics company GSMA Intelligence, the number of active SIM cards on the planet surpassed the world's population. The report says there are currently almost 7.3 billion devices in use. While the world population rises by two people each second, the number of SIM cards is growing five times more than the population. The innovation of all technological devices is based on one common object facilitating our lives. It sounds normal to embrace ourselves with technological devices considering the fact that the robotic age is ahead of us.

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