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Issue 14
, 2009
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Human rights indicator of climate change

Source: ENN, Date: , 2009

Human rights can be a "compass" to guide research and policy development for climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, according to a report.The International Council on Human Rights Policy (ICHRP) says climate change will threaten directly or indirectly almost all human rights, including the right to food, health and a livelihood. But they have received little attention on the policy stage so far.  

Human rights can be used as thresholds or minimum standards that climate change, or policies to deal with it, must not breach, says their report, released last month (24 June).


Local level data about the human costs of climate change are lacking in many countries, particularly those where the effects will be greatest, he says.

Adaptation and mitigation policies that aim to lessen the impact of climate change could also result in human rights infringements, the report says.

The carbon market could also hinder the development of poor countries: "Every carbon credit sold to other countries will represent a foregone opportunity for carbon-based development at home", the report states.