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Issue 31
February , 2011
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Plastics (Manufacture, Usage, and Waste Management) Rules

Source: Toxics Link, Date: February , 2011

The environment ministry issued a notification that replaces the Earlier Rules 1999 (amended in 2003) highlighting some changes in the present form of governance and enactment of the Rules.


The New Plastics (Manufacture, Usage, and Waste Management) Rules, 2010 has impositions and regulations as banning the use of plastics for packaging gutka and other tobacco products (The Supreme Court had earlier rejected the government’s plea for more time to notify the law to regulate the use of plastic pouches for gutka and other tobacco products. On February 2, the apex court had asked the Centre to come out with the plastic rule notification within two days). Replacing the earlier Recycled Plastics Manufacture and Usage Rules, 1999 (amended in 2003), it also states that no carry bags shall be made available free of cost to consumers. The municipal authority may determine the minimum price for plastic carry bags, the ministry said in a statement.


Download the Rules to know more: Plastics (Manufacture, Usage, and Waste Management) Rules