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Issue 29
September , 2010
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Lecture on the evolution of consciousness for s green planet

By: Deepti Diwakar, Source: N/A, Date: September , 2010

Climate change knows no national boundaries and natural environment and wildlife species are becoming extinct, perhaps never to be replaced again. Can we evolve holistically instead of just being intellectual? Let us reconsider our relationship with the earth.

Gaia, a Greek word meaning Goddess of the Earth is used to explain the Earth we live on and how it nourishes and provides for us.

The Earth as a planet and its atmosphere are dealt with scientifically exploring how she needs our help. Is the earth conscious of us?

It also looks as ‘Consciousness' to understand if Science has accepted it or is in the realm of Philosophy alone.

The Lecture explains indigenous peoples' ideal of the Earth as a Mother and how it can help us protect nature. It deals with Sustainability and methods to develop a loving understanding of the Environment and

Bio- diversity and adopt methods to save the earth.

(Based on a course studied at Schumacher College, England, June-July 2010)

About the speaker:

Deepti Diwakar is listed in Who is Who in the World, Marquis Publishers, 2010, USA and won the President's Award in America for her poetry. She is an independent scholar and also an architect, artist, contributing journalist for The Times of India, and an award winning Bharathanatyam dancer. She is a former Miss India World and is a guest lecturer in ‘Consciousness and Philosophy" in San Francisco. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Broadcast Communications from San Francisco State University. Diwakar also works as a Meditation teacher, communication and public speaking coach.