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Issue 67
, 2016
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Cash from trash: TMC plans to recycle thermocol

Source: The Times of India, Date: , 2016

If everything goes as per the plans then the city will soon have a way to recycle thermocol waste generated. The plan, being chalked out by the administration, will ensure nearly one tonne of thermocol is recycled daily to be molded into ingots that can be used for making CD covers or photo frames and also earn revenue for the corporation. Presently, the non-biodegradable material often lands in the dump yards using up space or causes air pollution due to its burning by scrap dealers. The city generates a massive volume of thermocol daily which often comes mostly as a packing accompaniment with electronic items. Start from mobile cases to refrigerators, the use of thermocol is massive. However, the drawback is that the material cannot be reused as it holds zero scrap value and is often dumped or burnt down.

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