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Issue 64
, 2015
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Landfill site in Aravali foothill raises eyebrows

Source: The Hindu, Date: , 2015

In the wake of reports that the local administration has identified a new 92-acre landfill site in the Aravali foothill area, several environmentalists, waste management activists and concerned citizens have come together to oppose the move. Spearheading the movement, Ruchika Sethi, who runs ‘Why Waste Your Waste’ campaign, said: “We fully understand the challenges faced by the local administration in their efforts to streamline waste management services and find an alternate to the exhausted site of Bhandwari. However, given the rapidly increasing quantities in this furiously developing city and diverse characteristics of waste, the undesirable consequences of conventional waste management and its failure to tap fully the resource value of waste and reduce green house gases will impact the sustainable development of the city and health of its citizens.”

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