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Issue 12
, 2009
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NGO demands immediate ban on asbestos

Source: The Hindu, New Delhi, Date: , 2009

Raising a strong objection to the Central Pollution Control Board’s failure to recommend a ban on asbestos in its latest report titled “Human health risk assessment studies in asbestos-based industries in India”, non-government organisation Ban Asbestos Network of asbestosIndia (BANI) has demanded that the Government take note of the ongoing asbestos exposures of citizens, consumers and workers and initiate immediate remedial measures. The study was undertaken for the Board by the Industrial Toxicology Research Centre, Lucknow.“It is clear from the document that the ban on indigenous chrysotile asbestos mining has been lifted. The network has written letters to the President, the Vice-President, the Defence Minister and the National Human Rights Commission drawing their urgent attention towards the serious unprecedented environmental and occupational health crisis caused by asbestos in the country,” said BANI member Gopal Krishna. The NGO has requested the Government to act immediately in public interest to ensure that use of all kinds of asbestos products is stopped.“None of the schools, offices, legislatures, courts, hospitals, automobiles, private and public buildings in our country are asbestos-free. We are also seeking a register of asbestos handlers and victims.