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Issue 62
, 2015
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95% of check booths canít measure vehicle pollution in Delhi

Source: Hindustan Times, Date: , 2015

As Delhi chokes on its foul air, the cars on its roads continue to spew poison while getting a clean bill of health every three months from the 661 pollution check centres dotting the city. This is because only about 5% of these certified pollution check booths actually conduct emission checks while the rest lack the proper equipment and end up just handing out fresh certificates, according to the cityís transport department. Of the 661 centres located in various fuel stations, 388 cater to petrol vehicles ó the remaining being for diesel cars ó but only 19 of these have the right tools. And forget about emission checks, they arenít even equipped to carry out repairs. ďIt ideally takes 15 to 20 minutes for a vehicle to be checked but here, the person at the booth does not spend more than a few minutes on a vehicle. He just tears your old certificate and issues a fresh one,Ē said a senior department official.

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