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Issue 11
, 2009
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Paper bags more hazardous

City in search of more environment-friendly alternative
Source: The Tribune, New Delhi, Date: , 2009

brown paper bagThough the government has banned polythene bags in the city, it has not yet come up with a better environment-friendly alternative. Recently, some newspapers published articles where the government is asking people to suggest an alternative to plastic bags. Where paper bag is considered as one of the alternatives, it is important to know that their uncontrolled usage can cause irreparable loses to the environment. Since the time plastic bags have been banned in the city, people are seen using paper bags — absolutely ignorant of their hazardous impact. Besides, paper sacks generate 70 per cent more air and add 50 times more water pollutant than plastic bags, said an environmentalist. Plastic bags are much easier to ship as they occupy less space. The transportation cost of a finished paper bag is eight times more than a plastic bag. Urging the government not to ban plastic bags, an awareness forum highlighting the issue ‘Save trees use plastic bags’ was launched here iin Delhi recently.