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Issue 57
, 2015
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Plant to treat construction waste will come up in Gurgaon

Source: The Times of India, Date: , 2015

The MCG, in collaboration with private firm IL&FS, is finally set to establish a construction waste treatment plant in Chakkarpur. It hopes this will put an end to haphazard dumping of construction debris and associated waste in and around the city. According to MCG chief engineer R K Singhla, the absence of a treatment plant has generated about 10 lakh metric tonnes of debris over the years. He claims once the plant is ready, huge chunks of construction waste, piled up in Kherki Majra, Chauma, Garauli and Mulahera, will be put to better use after processing and recycling. "IL&FS limited will be processing close to 300 tonnes of construction waste a day. MCG will pay the company Rs 360 per tonne of waste treated. IL&FS will give MCG 10% of the profits generated by the plant," said Singhla.

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