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Issue 57
, 2015
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Pesticide on your plate

Source: Indian Express, Date: , 2015

Vegetables are the noble folk of food world, loved equally by doctors and grandmothers. Vegetarians live off them and meat-eaters are told to live off them. But in Delhi, under every crunchy leaf of radish or the shiny brinjal hide dangerous amounts of pesticides that can slowly kill, shows a new study by JNU. Pritha Chatterjee and Aniruddha Ghosal report how growers, consumers and the authorities may not even be aware of the scale of these toxins threatening people with coughs to cancer When you eat your leafy greens and those elegant bhindis, you are doing yourself and the earth a world of good. Universally accepted as repositories of vitamins and minerals crucial to keeping good health, vegetables also help us do our bit for the environment and turn us into animal rights champions by default. But Delhi could be committing serious offence to its long-term health by biting into that innocent-looking gobhi. A recent study by JNUís School of Environmental Sciences is the latest among many to establish there is contamination from pesticides in vegetables grown and consumed in Delhi-NCR.

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