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Issue 55
, 2014
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Biomass burning a major source of pollution in India

Source: Economic Times, Date: , 2014

Vehicles, air conditioners and industries may be the usual suspects contributing to the rise in pollution levels across the country, but the practice of biomass burning is an equal threat, if not bigger. A recent study assessing the effects of biomass burning on pollution in South Asia was conducted by Pune-based Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) and National Centre for Atmospheric Research in the US. The study reveals that burning of agricultural produce leftovers and forests during the major harvesting period (between March and May) contributes up to 60% release of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide in the eastern region, including Myanmar, 50% in central India, 25% in the Indo-Gangetic region and 40% over the Bay of Bengal.

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