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Issue 55
, 2014
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Generating Awareness on E-waste

Source: Indian Express, Date: , 2014

By embracing technology, India has only become a massive generator of e-waste.“We have come from 1, 50,000 tons of e-waste in 2006 to 8,00,000 in 2012-13. We are growing at more than 100 per cent a year,” says Rathinam T, vice president, Tes-AMM India, an e-waste recycling company. The hazardous effect of e-waste can find its way into a mother’s milk. When it is illegally disposed in water, the chemicals get mixed with groundwater, which is consumed by animals and humans. “These hazards have not gained as much attention as required in India,” adds Rathinam. Although there is an existing law on e-waste (management and handing) that came into force in 2012, the implementation is yet to catch on. “Government collection centres should be introduced in different areas and people should be asked to drop the e-waste there every month,” says Rathinam.

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