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Issue 10
, 2009
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Greens seek complete ban on non-biodegradable use of plastic

Phasing out plastic
Source: The Hindu, New Delhi, Date: , 2009

ban plasticConcerned that the notification banning the use of plastic bags in Delhi that came into effect this past month would not be able to cover the entire gamut of plastic use in the city, environmentalists have now demanded that the Government also look “into other non-biodegradable use of plastic including packaging, disposable and recycle containers for food which are harmful as per Central Pollution Control Board and banning metalised pouches that cannot be recycled”.Demanding that the Delhi Government apply the “polluter pay principle”, non-government organisation Tapas chairman Mr. Vinod Kumar Jain said: “We want the Government to be aware of the fact that non-biodegradable plastic has to be phased out in packing and other use too. “The Government should make clear cut rules about which rule would apply whether it would be “Environmental Protection Act 1986” or “The Delhi Degradable Plastic Bag (Manufacture, Sale and Usage) and Garbage (Control amend) Act, 2008”. We want to understand the response to those violations and penalties,” Mr. Jain added. The NGO has also demanded that the notification be implemented in States around Delhi to ensure that the ban is enforced in full force.“The Government should also look into the issue of smuggling of plastic into the Capital. The disposal of plastic waste already in circulation is a matter of concern. There should be rules to make sure that non-biodegradable plastic is phased out in an environmentally friendly manner.”