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Issue 50
, 2014
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Sewage respite for Yamuna by year-end

Source: The Times of India, Date: , 2014

The first leg of the sewage interceptor system, held up by the Delhi government as the only solution to the Yamuna problem, is expected to be complete by 2014-end. The entire project, that involves laying of parallel conduits along the three main drains in Delhi and upgrading sewage treatment plants, will be completed by 2015-end. The promise comes with a rider though. Delhi Jal Board CEO Vijay Kumar says that, once the project is completed, DJB would be trapping only about 75% of the city's total sewage. At present, the river is "dead", no better than a large drain since it carries only sewage. The only time in a year when fresh water can be found in it is during the monsoon season.

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