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Issue 49
, 2014
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TV recycling a hazard for Delhi

Source: Times of India, Date: , 2014

New Delhi : As LCDs and LEDs are fast replacing the old-fashioned cathode ray tube monitors, the capital is faced with a huge health risk. Both the informal e-waste recyclers working at the CRT recycling hubs of Yamuna Vihar, Seelampur and Mustafabad and the end-users of products made from the glass are in danger of developing ailments from exposure to the material.

A study by NGO Toxics Link on improper recycling practices of the leaded CRT glass from TV sets and computer monitors has sent alarm bells ringing among environmentalists and health experts. CRTs contain large quantities of lead and barium-both heavy metals-as well as phosphor. They are considered one of the most hazardous types of e-waste.

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