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Issue 1
, 2006
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Delhi's air pollution on rise this winter: CSE

Source: Toxics Link, Date: , 2006

The much hyped decline in Delhi's air pollution for the past five years or so may become a short-lived success. As a new research by the Centre for Science and Environment (C.S.E.) claims that the process has been reversed this winter, as the air pollution levels in the city have risen higher than they have been for past couple of years.

“A new assessment of the trends in the peak pollution levels during winter months since 1998 has revealed that pollution in winter -- despite a climb-down until 2003 -- has begun to rise once again. The two months of September and October during 2006 show rapid build-up of pollution,” the Delhi-based NGO said in a web release. The study levels the blame for this reversal squarely on the steady rise in the sale and popularity of diesel passenger vehicles.

“Over the last 10 years, the total personal vehicle registration has recorded a staggering increase of 105 per cent. In the same period, cars alone have increased by 157 per cent -- an effect of excess indulgence in personal mobility.

It is shocking to note that diesel cars during the same period have increased by 425 per cent. The share of diesel cars, a mere 4 per cent of the total new car registration in 1999, has climbed to nearly 20 per cent in 2006. While petrol cars have increased at 8.5 per cent annually, diesel cars have maintained a growth rate of 16.6 per annum,” the release added.