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Issue 33
, 2011
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Dust particles in Goa iron-ore mining belts touch danger level

Source: Deccan Herald, Date: , 2011

Panaji, Jun 23 (PTI):People living in the Iron Ore mining belt of Goa inhale more dust particles than permissible levels which can be highly hazardous to their health, according to a State Pollution Control Board study.

The data collected by Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) from seven crucial mining areas has disclosed that the particulate materials of 2.5 and 10 microns were much above the permissible levels in these localities, which are thickly populated.

GSPCB Chairman Simon D'Souza said inhalation of 2.5 micron particles was very dangerous as it directly enters the respiratory system. The Ambient Air Quality Monitoring stations (AAQMS) installed in these areas have recorded that the thick dust particulate were more present in air.

D'Souza said they were collecting data twice a week, which revealed these figures."We have now issued notices to the mining companies operating in these areas," he said.

But the Board cannot zero in on the violator as many mining firms use the same road stretch where the pollution check is done through AAQMS.

The authorities have noticed that the transportation of ore from the mining site to the river point where it is unloaded in the ships to be exported further, creates pollution on the way.

The truckers are seen disobeying the mandatory requirements of covering the ore while transporting and also regarding overloadin of their vehicle with the ore.

GSPCB has found that the pollution levels at times in this mining belt where large population lives are at danger levels.

The statistics were collected from seven different stations at Curchorem, Usgao, Assnora, Amona, Bicholim, Codli and Honda since November 2010.

In places like Honda, Bicholim, Codli, Assnora and Usgao, the pollution exceeded the limit all the time for few months while at rest of the places, it was random.

The board has now decided to install 8 more such gadgets in the mining belt, which will give more accurate picture of the pollution levels there.